Moisture-proof MDF is of high mechanical strength, large size, consistent with the technology of furniture production in tropical climates. Moisture-proof MDF board is widely used in many fields of furniture production, interior decoration, construction ...

Son Tung Furniture is directly distributed moisture resistant MDF boards with the best price in the North

MDF, MDF board is through the process of pressing mixed pureed wood fiber, density from 520 kg / m3 to 850 kg / m3 depending on quality requirements, wood materials and thickness. There are 3 main types of products on the market: slippery, water-resistant and melamine-coated.

MDF is the most popular type, often used in veneer, paint or PU coating. Water-resistant MDF board is a kind of plain MDF board, mixed with water-resistant glue in the manufacturing process, often used in places exposed to water or high humidity such as doors, wooden furniture in the kitchen. Melamine MDF board is the type of board that is covered with melamine on both sides to create beauty, moisture and scratches.

Moisture-proof MDF is also known as HMR (High Moisture Resistance), a wooden product made from plantation wood materials in Thailand and Malaysia, these are the leading countries in kernel wood products. create. With the feature of not being moldy in the humid air condition, the HMR moisture resistant boards, moisture resistant MDF meet the strictest standards of high-class products and items with technical requirements along with High aesthetic in interior decoration, exterior and construction.

Son Tung would like to highlight some strengths that moisture-proof MDF brings:
• Moisture-proof MDF Highly resistant to moisture, water repellent,
• Moisture-proof MDF Has been treated against warping, no worries about termites like natural wood
• Moisture-proof MDF Smooth surface
• Moisture-proof MDF Easily spray paint with a variety of colors or paste other materials such as melamine, veneer
• Moisture-proof MDF MDF Wood is much cheaper than solid wood (natural wood)
• Moisture-proof MDF Processing time is quick

* Application: Depending on the type of wood making wood pulp and adhesives as well as additives, people have:

- Moisture-proof MDF for indoor use (interior)

- Water-resistant MDF: used for some outdoor requirements, wet places.

- Smooth surface MDF: can be painted immediately, does not require much sanding

- Non-slip MDF surface: used to continue gluing veneer.


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