Main veneer is natural wood, however thinly sliced ​​from natural wood, veneer thickness is only from 1Rem to 2ly is a lot, a natural wood if veneer is thin, a lot of veneer. If the tree is 300mm thick and 200mm wide, 2500mm long, it will spread around 1500 - 3000m2 of veneer wood, depending on the type of loss. After being veneer, Veneer is glued to different types of industrial wood, such as MDF, MFC, laminated wood, particle board to make interior products. Because veneer from natural wood veneer surface is no different from natural wood at all.

Advantages of Veneer wood: Reasonable price, a natural wood when being turned into veneer wood can produce a lot of tables and chairs .. veneer wood is resistant to warping, termite, has a bright surface due to being selected wood and large format, leaving no joints like natural wood, can be decorated with cross-linking, cross-linking, longitudinal and tapering, can only run submerged, depending on the type but still keep the beauty and appearance. his grand. In addition it can create curves according to the manufacturer's wishes, meeting the needs of customers who want to use natural wood but is a straight door.

Veneer board - Wood veneer board - Industrial wood board

If Finger wood is used (ie meatwood is however cut from small twigs, hand-stitched together - finger: fingers - to create length and width), then veneer wood turns into natural wood. safe and very durable, sure, beautiful but the price is cheap.

Disadvantages of Veneer wood: Because the wood core is industrial wood, the veneer is not water resistant (since it uses a moisture-proof type), is prone to chipping. , therefore, veneer is used by many people, but it must not be flooded all year round, and there is less movement.

In modern countries such as Europe, the Americas, or some modern countries in Asia, the use of veneer to manufacture furniture has been around for 30-40 years, when they were aware of the forest. On the day of exhaustion, they found that veneer has so many outstanding advantages that it could save their environment, save landslides and global warming so they switched to using it so much, so why do we not following them, we should not destroy our own environment.