Formex or format sheet, form sheet or PVC foam sheet. PVC foam sheet is a product made from high technology, mainly using PVC. Used in advertising industry, interior decoration

Formex Sheet - Format Sheet - PVC Foam Sheet

Highlights of PVC Foam sheet:
Formex panels are lightweight, waterproof, non-toxic
Formex sheet has low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation, good sound insulation
Formex panels can resist chemical corrosion, withstand the effects of weather.
The formex plate is durable, strong impact resistance.
The formex plate is also suitable for printing and advertising
Formex panels can be easily drilled, sawed, nailed and glued
The formex plate can be cut, cut and machined using a laser machine

Price Formex - Format Sheet - PVC Foam Sheet

What does formex plastic sheet do:

Formex panels are used in many advertising construction such as words.

Interior and outdoor decoration, making partitions, bamboo planks ....

Banner, sign board, display board, notice board.