Son Tung industrial wood furniture factory was built and developed in 2010 with its predecessor being an industrial wood manufacturing company with a long experience from 2006. Up to now, the industrial wood furniture factory of Son Tung Furniture Company has expanded its development with 2 warehouse and furniture production factories with an area of ​​nearly 3500m2. Both facilities are located in the Hanoi inner-city area, behind My Dinh National Stadium, very easy to find and move extremely conveniently., Formerly an industrial wood production company with a long history. Since 2006, until now, we have expanded into interior design and construction to meet customers' requirements and beliefs. Son Tung Production Trading Service Co., Ltd is confident that the No. 1 choice for customers when there is demand for interior design and construction.

Son Tung industrial wood furniture factory

Whether it is an apartment, a house, a tube house or an office ... We always come up with unique and completely different interior design ideas that help the works stay sophisticated and impressive. Moreover, as a unit that directly designs and manufactures the wooden furniture we provide will have a very good price.

1. Being an interior design and construction unit of many large projects and constructions

Proud to be a company with rich experience in the field of interior design and construction that many customers trust and choose, We design many different works and projects in large urban areas such as from Villa design, interior design of luxury apartments, tube houses, houses, corporate office design ... Some typical projects can be mentioned here such as Times City, Royal City, Golden Westlake. , Vinhomes Riverside, Golden Land, Gamuda Gardern, Gold Mark City, Intracom, ... are highly appreciated for their unique design ideas, optimal usability and modern aesthetic value.

2. Experienced team of personnel in the field of interior design and construction

Son Tung Furniture brings together a team of skilled personnel who are qualified architects and painters with high experience and love to serve their customers. Having a deep understanding of interior design styles in the world, we both apply and adapt appropriately according to the needs of each customer.

3. Own own furniture factory

Instead of having to import furniture from other units, Son Tung Furniture owns a wooden furniture factory with a scale of over 2500m2 located at 155 K2 street, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi.

Son Tung's wood workshop is equipped with modern production technologies to meet the strict requirements of aesthetics and functional use. In particular, our company constantly updates the trend of modern interior design styles to help customers own trendy furniture products with unique styles.

4. Provide package design process and interior construction

Son Tung Furniture is proud of being one of the few furniture companies that can provide complete, complete process for each project, from consulting - design - production to interior construction. for the works. Accordingly, we ensure the accuracy of each interior detail, minimize investment costs for customers based on accurate material calculation methods.

5. Long-term warranty

Son Tung Furniture is committed to guarantee and maintain all construction items and all manufactured and imported products provided by the company. From the date of handover of the project to customers, depending on each item, we will guarantee for at least 2 years. After the warranty period, we still provide maintenance services with the cheapest cost.